Anti Abduction Seminar

Learn strategies to prevent an abduction, and give your child the tools they need to get away from an attack by a stranger. This class will feature plenty of practical, hands on techniques! (No previous training required)

Grown-ups are encouraged to continue the conversation with their children after class and children will be given an access pass to the Wolverinz Martial Arts and Leadership Program to get more practice!

Light, healthy refreshments will be served compliments of Modern Warrior.

Open to children age 5 and up, and their parents or guardians. All children must be accompanied by an adult, and all adults must be accompanied by a child.  Advance registration is required.  For more information and to register call 631-226-8383.

Print and share this flyer with your friends, coworkers, family, and members of your PTA: Flyer Anti Abduction Class 2.8.14


Modern Warrior Blog – The Re-birth

For those of you who subscribe to this blog, there are some changes afoot that you will notice.  For those who are new, we hope you like what you see.

As you can see, we have changed the look.  We have also reduced the number of posts you will see per page and are only showing previews of the post, all to make the blog a bit more readable and less cluttered.  We have added a tag cloud to make the site more navigable and while there are less blogs showing the archive is alive and well.  Use the tag cloud, the category list or the calendar to search the site.

There will be more changes coming but we hope you like what we have done so far.  Leave us a comment to let us know.

Now Enrolling: Rape Prevention Class (8/3/13)

Ladies you CAN win the “fight you weren’t supposed to win“!  Increase your confidence.  Heighten your awareness.  Fight your fight!

Modern Warrior teaches the most practical self defense possible so that you can get home safe.  The Rape Prevention Class is ideal for independent women, busy professionals, and ladies heading to college in the fall.

Open to females age 12 and up.  Call Modern Warrior today to reserve your spot: 631-226-8383. 

Hang this flyer up at your school, community board, Flyer FREE Rape Prevention 8.3.13