Warrior Reflections July 2013: Liberty

Warrior Reflections July 2013

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Warriors We Love


Being a Warrior has little to do with war and much to do with causes.

Warriors need causes as others need food and drink.

A Warrior is not only willing to die for a cause, but is unwilling to live without one.

Once you become a Warrior the only other thing you can be is nothing.

To love a Warrior Is not to love their causes, but to understand their need to have them.

To take their causes away is not to take their life.

It is to take their spirit.

And to take away a Warrior’s spirit Is the cruelest thing imaginable. For only a loved one can do it.

 By Phil Messina

Congratulations Dan!!!

Sunday 11/11, Dan held an internal workshop about 9/11/01.

This well attended seminar was both insightful and cathartic for attendees, many of which were impacted by the tragedy 11 years ago.

We are proud to announce that he had passed the first part of the master’s test and will now be working on the second of three components towards becoming a  Modern Warrior Black Belt.