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Welcome TJ!

Modern Warrior Staff is proud to welcome TJ to the staff!

A seasoned self defense instructor and personal trainer, TJ has a lot of experience and charisma!  We are thrilled that she will be joining our team and her non-for-profit Blaze4Life will be stationed here in New York as well.

Phil TJ

Like the rose and lightning in our logo, TJ exemplifies the saying–“what is beautiful can be dangerous, and what is dangerous can be beautiful”. Don’t let her sweet smile deceive you, TJ is FIERCE!

Spotlight on the Modern Warrior Environmental Simulator Room

The Modern Warrior Environmental Simulator Room™ has been constantly evolving since its opening in 1992. Some of the cool things we do in here are:

  • Sparring in the rain.
  • Fight in the elevator.
  • Practice techniques in the narrow hallway.
  • Discover what it’s like to fight on a staircase. (The up-side is a lot different than the down-side!)
  • Defend against carjackings.
  • Practice car stops.
  • Run an obstacle course.
  • Shoot at pop-up targets. (Some of them shoot back.)
  • Practice on the subway simulator. (The white poles telescope down to simulate subway poles and we place benches to simulate subways seats.)
  • Climb a fence.
  • Roll under a fence.
  • Jump off the low platform (1st floor window equivalent.)
  • Jump off the high platform (2nd floor window equivalent.)
  • Go across the hand over hand ladder.
  • Do all this in windy, foggy, rainy and/or low or changing light conditions

The Environmental Simulator Room is the first of its kind in creating realistic training elements.  Learn about upcoming opportunities to use this facility by contacting 888-MWARRIOR (outside the US please call 631-226-8383).