Influence your Opponent’s Balance, Power & Mobility

Physio-kinetics(TM), is the study of influencing your opponent’s balance, power and mobility.  These mechanical principles enable our students to successfully make adjustments on the street and win!

The Modern Warrior Tactical Jaw and Limb Control seminar is an essential course for First Responders, Hospital Workers, Law Enforcement Officers, and others who may come into contact with an aggressor that you wish to subdue, restrict or restrain without causing physical pain.

Get your name on the roster today, to join us for class this Saturday March 30th from 2-6 pm.

Flyer TJLC 3-30-2013


Mystery Class was Superior~

Yesterday Phil Messina led a “Mystery Class” open exclusively to Modern Warrior Students.  The goal of the seminar was to get students to be willing to step into the unknown by not announcing the course topic in advance.  This willingness, according to Messina, a highly decorated retired NYPD Sergeant, can make all the difference in a fight for your life.

The course focused on “inferior” weapons verses “superior” weapons. (For example fighting someone wielding a knife, when you happen to have your cell phone in your hand). Everyone who took the class took to the material, and it was a great training experience.

Thanks again to Phil for leading, and thanks to his assistant instructors–Arthur, Meg and Mickey.

Gun Defense Seminar (1/12/13)

Join us for an evening of strategy.  Modern Warrior will be hosting a Gun Defense Seminar on January 12th.

The techniques taught during this course are practical, tactically sound and easy to retain and employ.  This course is the result of years’ worth of research based on street-proven combat science principles.

Class will be in session from 6-10 pm, and light refreshments will be served, courtesy of Modern Warrior Staff.

Space is extremely limited.  Call 631-226-8383 to reserve your spot.  This is a great class for civilians and LEOs alike.

Confronting Multiple Assailants Tonight

Tonight Phil Messina (Ret. NYPD Sgt.) will be leading a seminar on how to defend yourself against multiple attackers.  This is a Modern Warrior Specialty!

This course covers mindset, how to use the psychology inherent in groups against them, techniques to defeat the wolf pack and more.

The seminar tonight is currently full.  There are still spaces however in the Knife Defense Seminar on Saturday December 8th.  Call 631-226-8383 for details.