In Stock Now: Key Chains and Flashlights!

We have limited numbers of Flashlight Key Chains and Pull Apart Key Chains in stock now.  These are excellent self defense tools.

The Flashlight Key Chain is a great alternative to kubatons, and is extremely useful when you suddenly find yourself in the pitch black (such as a power outage), or when you drop something outside in the dark (for instance your cell phone falls while you are getting out of your car in the parking lot).  We recommend the particular models we have in stock due to their length, width, and placement of the on/off button. All flashlight purchases will include a complimentary pair of standard key rings

The Pull Apart Key Chains are multi purpose, including self defense functions, it can also be used to organize your keys, take stress off of your ignition, and more.

Speak with Megan for a demonstration about how to use both of these tools.  Also, make sure you ask for the “buy it together discount”.


New Tanks In!

New men’s tanks available in the Warrior Line!

Show your warrior pride with these handsome heather grey shirts.  Text reads: “Modern Warrior Est. 1981.”  Limited quantities are available, and at only $15 they are a steal.  Reserve yours today.

Straight from the box to the gym! These muscle shirts are the perfect solution to the sticky summer heat.


Summer Book Sale

All three of Phil Messina’s books are now on sale for the low price of $15 each!

Now is the time to snag your copy of Path of a Warrior, Walk the Darkened Doorway and Warrior 101: A Handbook forModern Warrior.

Each book is only $15, plus the cost of shipping.  We will ship to international patrons.

Email today for more information and to place your order!