Silverbacks featured by PBS

The article “Is There a Black Belt in Your Future” highlights the Silverbacks as a practical self defense system for Seniors.

Penned by Mike Dunphy for Next Avenue an online resource for seniors by PBS, this article mentions some of Modern Warrior’s instructor staff Vinny Spakowski and Arthur Moody!

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Tanner Park Senior Citizen Center Welcomes the Silverbacks

As a service of our community, Modern Warrior aims to educate the members of our community on how they can best defend themselves.  We were honored to be invited to speak with the members of the Tanner Park Senior Citizen Center on Tuesday October 2nd to educate this group how they can win against a violent attacker.

The cliche “hit, scream, run away” formula that the self defense industry has been labeled with does not work in most instances, including with seniors, who many of which move at a slower rate than they had in their twenties.  Therefore outrunning an attacker who is still in his/her prime is not a viable option.

Instead Phil Messina, retired NYPD Sgt. and Founder of Modern Warrior, used this presentation as a prime time to introduce practical tactics, strategies and techniques that work for the 65+ crowd.

You could sense the change in the room by the end of the demonstration; many of the attendees seemed to sit up taller and smile a little wider, knowing that if they are attacked they have options and the ABILITY to win.

A special thanks to Annie Petit for coordinating the event.

Monday Schedule on a Wednesday!

Classes were suspended over the three day weekend in observance of Labor Day.  To get our students back into the swing of things, Modern Warrior is offering a make up day this Wednesday.  Classes regularly scheduled for Monday will be held this Wednesday, September 5th:

  • 9-10 am: Silverbacks: Self Defense for Senior Citizens and/or those with a chronic ailment
  • 6-6:50 pm: Cardio Kickboxing
  • 7-8 pm: Silverbacks: Self Defense for Ladies age 13-17
  • 8-9 pm: Silverbacks: Self Defense for Senior Citizens and/or those with a chronic ailment

For more information contact the General Manager at 631-226-8383.

Silverbacks visit to Ronkonkoma Senior Center Last Night

Last night Modern Warrior paid a visit to the Ronkonkoma Senior Center to discuss self defense with a Multiple Sclerosis Support Group.

Among the Modern Warrior Instructors and Staff Members present were Phil Messina, Vinny, Arthur, Jeremy and Megan.  Phil and Vinny, who are both the lead instructors for the Silverbacks program demonstrated options that are easy to remember and employ for those who have physical limitations.

Populations such as the elderly or those who suffer from chronic ailments are sometimes targeted for crimes because the attacker believes that their intended victim will not be able to respond in kind or be able to flee.  As a result it is important to give these populations the tools they need to defend themselves to essentially win the fight they weren’t expected to win.

For more information about the Silverbacks contact Megan at 631-226-8383.  You may also find this article about the program to be helpful: