Kinetic Intervention Device (KID) Demonstration

Unfortunately many schools improperly handle bullying.  They use a “hands off” approach coupled with Zero Tolerance policies.  The conjunction of these policies results in students believing that no one will help them and that they will get in trouble if they try to protect themselves, therefore they may turn to vigilantism or suicide because they believe that they have no other way out.

Phil Messina, Ret. NYPD Sgt. breaks down how to use the Kinetic Intervention Device as a restriction device.  His simple step by step instructions are followed by a montage of scenarios in which the KID could be effectively used.

The KID takes the glory out of bullying.


What Would You Do if a Violent Intruder Entered your Classroom?

The recent tragedy at Chardon High School reminds us all of the unfortunate reality of violence in our schools.

On March 31st, join Modern Warrior for our well-researched Student Protection And Controlled Escape Program (SPACE).  This course will provide Administrators, Educators and School Personnel with the tools they need to handle incidents of bullying, and violent intruders entering their facilities.

Click here for more information. Contact Megan Gilroy at 631-226-8383 to register.

SPACE Testimonials

Modern Warrior has always taken a forefront in progressive training for civilians and law enforcement officers.  In recent years we have also had an astute eye on schools particularly the issue of bullying and violent intruders.

Our Student Protection And Controlled Escape (SPACE) Program addresses both concerns, as well as how bullying can lead into the other in the form of vigilantism.

Here are testimonials from a few attendees.  You will note that their job positions are varied, however their position on the necessity for the information provided by the Modern Warrior SPACE Program is consistent.

Testimonials from those who have attended the Modern Warrior®

S.P.A.C.E. Program…


“Educational staff has collectively put their heads in the sand on security issues, with the mindset of “It can’t happen here.”  It will be very hard to change this until further incidents of violence shake their conscience.”  J.J., Former police office and High School S.R.O.

“Terrific class.  We look forward to taking the Certification class.  We definitely need to educate the educators and those in law enforcement.  Together they can save lives.”  R.F., Supervisor at U.S. Military Academy at West Point

“The instructors were great and very helpful.” R.A., Monitor and School Counseling Intern

“This course should be mandatory in college teacher training curriculums.”  C.F., Police Officer, D.A.R.E. Instructor

“I was relieved and excited to learn that just by changing the layout of my classroom and obtaining a Kinetic Intervention Device (K.I.D.), I can help protect the students and the rest of the innocent lives in our building.” G.B., 7th and 8th grade High School teacher; Elmont

For more information about the SPACE Program and scheduling details please contact Megan Gilroy at 631-226-8383, or email

Thanks for helping with the KID Video!

Modern Warrior would like to thank the following for their participation in/ assistance with the Kinetic Intervention Device Video filming this past weekend:

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