In Bloom

Due to an unseasonably mild winter, bright yellow crocuses  have already begun to sprout at Modern Warrior.

We enjoy the vibrant array of flowers spring brings in our Plum Flower Pole Garden, and in the North Garden.  Both gardens are maintained and tended to by the nurturing students of Modern Warrior.

The North Garden shows signs of life, as the first flowers of the spring begin to break through the earth.

Plum Flower Pole Garden begins to bloom early this year.


Thank you RP Instructors (2/4/12)

Thousands of women have completed the Rape Prevention Class at Modern Warrior over the years–this never would have been possible without the dedication of the legions of the instructors who have volunteered their time.

Thank you all of the instructors who took time out of their weekend for the February Rape Prevention:

  • Meg A.
  • Kyle J.
  • Ken J. (C)
  • Ken J. (A)
  • Jamie S.
  • Zhanna
  • Linda G.
  • Jeremy P.
  • Arthur M.
  • Craig F.
  • Phil M.
  • Kate G.

A special thanks to our lead instructors–Joanne, Mickey & Megan.


February 2012 Rape Prevention in One Week

Still limited time to sign up for the first Rape Prevention Class of 2012.  This class is open to women of the community age 12 & up, free of charge.

Learn what your legal rights are if you are attacked, where to hit, and if/when you should run.

This short four hour class has SAVED LIVES!

Call 631-226-8383 to register today. (Can’t make class on February 4th? Ask about our other Rape Prevention dates throughout the year)