8 Week Police Defensive Tactics now Enrolling

Law Enforcement Officers, train with someone who has been there: NYPD Sgt. Phil Messina (Ret.)

In this dynamic introductory class, we will cover:

  • Confrontational Handcuffing
  • Expandable Baton
  • Blocking
  • Firearm Retention
  • Gun Defense

Class will be in session Mondays beginning January 14th.  We offer two time spots to accommodate rotating schedules, 10 am-12 noon and again 9-11 pm.  Participants are welcome to attend either or both time spot as their schedule permits.


Spotlight on the Modern Warrior Environmental Simulator Room

The Modern Warrior Environmental Simulator Room™ has been constantly evolving since its opening in 1992. Some of the cool things we do in here are:

  • Sparring in the rain.
  • Fight in the elevator.
  • Practice techniques in the narrow hallway.
  • Discover what it’s like to fight on a staircase. (The up-side is a lot different than the down-side!)
  • Defend against carjackings.
  • Practice car stops.
  • Run an obstacle course.
  • Shoot at pop-up targets. (Some of them shoot back.)
  • Practice on the subway simulator. (The white poles telescope down to simulate subway poles and we place benches to simulate subways seats.)
  • Climb a fence.
  • Roll under a fence.
  • Jump off the low platform (1st floor window equivalent.)
  • Jump off the high platform (2nd floor window equivalent.)
  • Go across the hand over hand ladder.
  • Do all this in windy, foggy, rainy and/or low or changing light conditions

The Environmental Simulator Room is the first of its kind in creating realistic training elements.  Learn about upcoming opportunities to use this facility by contacting 888-MWARRIOR (outside the US please call 631-226-8383).

5 Day DTI begins tomorrow

The 5 Day Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Course begins tomorrow.  This comprehensive class offers strategies for LEOs and trainers, including:

  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Baton
  • Firearm Retention
  • Gun Defense
  • How to WIN from the ground
  • Tactical Edged Weapons Defense
  • And more

For the last 30 years, Modern Warrior has offered realistic, practical DT training for the Law Enforcement Community, and we are thrilled that we will be have the opportunity to continue this tradition.

5 Day DTI in 3 Weeks

There is still time to get your registration in for the highly respected 5 Day Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Course at Modern Warrior.

Class will be in session September 24-28.  Call 631-226-8383 now to get more details and to reserve your seat.  LEOs and Trainers ask if you qualify for the Lucky Seven Program.

Your WARRIOR INSIGHTS™ for August 2012 – Stress
Stress is the unseen enemy that lurks within the shadows of every path worth taking. If the Reaper had a sidekick, his name would be Stress.
Very few achievements can be obtained without stress, so although we must accept certain levels of it in our lives, we must never allow ourselves to succumb under the pressure.
Stress can never completely be negated, it can, however, be diminished through a combination of focus and distraction—even though these two terms appear to be contrary to each other, they are in fact complementary when being sought by a disciplined mind.
Overcoming stress while achieving your goals is a challenge to the mind, body and spirit, but it only becomes an overwhelming challenge when one chooses to focus on the stress itself, rather than the cause of the stress.
When a warrior faces an opponent with a knife, he or she must have the discipline to realize that while the stress may be caused by the knife, the focus must be on the person holding the knife. The warrior cannot be distracted by the knife to the point of losing track of the attacker’s natural weapons, like a free hand, feet, elbows or knees.  Failure to extend one’s focus to include those other potential threats will eventually cause the warrior to fall victim to the knife.
When thinking in these terms, it becomes obvious that stress can only be dealt with effectively if we address those things causing it, yet we must maintain the will and determination to understand that if we focus too much on the stress alone we will lose sight of our goals and once we do that, we forfeit our lives in exchange for mere existence.
Affirmation: I understand that a stress free life is a life without challenges, thus I accept stress freely but never completely.
By Phil Messina
The author welcomes your comments at Info@ModernWarrior.com