We had so much fun at the Long Island Women’s Expo

Modern Warrior’s team of instructors had a great time at the Women’s Expo this past weekend at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood.

Throughout the event, we provided demonstrations about practical self defense to women of all ages.  The response was overwhelmingly positive about our scientific approach and some attendees even tried the techniques for themselves.

Thank you to all of the demonstrators present on behalf of Modern Warrior, Phil M., Megan G., Barry C., Jim N., Jeremy P., Christine Z., Sal H. & Svetlana S. for making this event so powerful.

Modern Warrior General Manager sidles up next to “Biggest Loser” star Tara Costa at the Long Island Women’s Expo.


Silverbacks visit to Ronkonkoma Senior Center Last Night

Last night Modern Warrior paid a visit to the Ronkonkoma Senior Center to discuss self defense with a Multiple Sclerosis Support Group.

Among the Modern Warrior Instructors and Staff Members present were Phil Messina, Vinny, Arthur, Jeremy and Megan.  Phil and Vinny, who are both the lead instructors for the Silverbacks program demonstrated options that are easy to remember and employ for those who have physical limitations.

Populations such as the elderly or those who suffer from chronic ailments are sometimes targeted for crimes because the attacker believes that their intended victim will not be able to respond in kind or be able to flee.  As a result it is important to give these populations the tools they need to defend themselves to essentially win the fight they weren’t expected to win.

For more information about the Silverbacks contact Megan at 631-226-8383.  You may also find this article about the program to be helpful: http://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/retirement/self-defense-class-helps-those-vulnerable-to-attacks-1.1260861

First Yellow Belt, Green Star Awarded!

Lauren DeSantis was beaming last week when she earned the Green Star for her Yellow Belt.  Lauren, a student in the Junior Wolverinz is the first student to reach this distinction.

Lauren proudly displays her Green Star promotional speech, with Phil Messina.

As a mantra, the students often chant “Wolverinz Never Give Up”.  Lauren was a perfect role model of this during her testing process.  Although she flied through several of the requirements, there were a few parts of the test that she had struggled with.  But she didn’t quit.

Lauren worked at the test until she got it right.  She really earned her star.  We are so proud of our emerging leader!