July 2012 Calendar

Week of 7/1:

  • Classes suspended for the week.Have a safe 4th of July!
  • If you have any urgent questions during the break you can call/text Megan at 631-742-3474
  • Make sure you get your payment in before the break so you don’t incur a late fee

 Week of 7/8:

  • 4 Week FSD starts on Tuesday 7/10 from 6-7:30 pm, open to women age 12 & up. Sign up on the back door today to assist!

 Week of 7/15:

  • A & C group will be in the Plum Flower Pole Garden.
  • Offensive Knife Saturday Night Seminar 7/21 at 6 pm, taught by Modern Warrior Black Belt Marvin German.

Week of 7/22:

  • A/B/C Street Clothes Spar!!! Note schedule changes. This is a great opportunity to wear clothing you wouldn’t want to be caught wearing in a confrontation in (i.e. rig, back pack, high heels, etc.)  Also, bring your belt, a dry change of clothes and a towel for after class—there will be weather.
  • D Groupers speak with a Black Belt.  You may be allowed to watch the class!  We limit 2 spectators per class, so make sure you reserve your day early.

 Week of 7/29:

  • FSD Confrontations Tuesday 7/31. Sign up to safety monitor or to suit up!
  • D Group has Block/ Strike: we will be doing testing for the Yellow Belt in August.  Candidates must keep their make ups down, especially in defensive classes in order to remain eligible (in other words attend this class!)
  • Rape Prevention Saturday August 4th

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Join us at the All Kids Fair this Afternoon

The Wolverinz will be presenting at theAll Kids Fair this afternoon from 2:30-3:15 pm.  Join us for a fun and educational demonstration at the Melville Marriott.

For more information please contact the General Manager at 631-742-3474.  We have a limited number of tickets available for Modern Warrior Students and their families.

The Only one for me!

Modern Warrior has received numerous positive reviews online, several of which we will proudly feature on our blog in the upcoming weeks.  Here is one from Merchant Circle:

The Only one for me!

“Many people search for the right place to learn and train in the martial arts and are sometimes very confused and frustrated when they learn of the abundance of schools and unlimited styles of the arts. I did my research thoroughly, and found Modern Warrior to be the most valuable school for self defense training for the “real” world and for “real” situations. I have studied another art in a different school and enjoyed the program but when I entered Modern Warrior and was given a tour of the facility by office manager Megan Gilroy, I knew that this was going to be an amazing and totally different experience. Master Phil Messina’s Bo Fung Do, based on Wing Chun, is taught by a friendly group of instructors along with Master Phil in such a way that you walk away confident and looking forward to the next class. Classes are almost a full 90 minutes long, the art is extremely effective, and once you meet the people and tour the facility you will be looking forward to your first class!
By Phil Badome on January 12, 2012 at 07:14 PM