Now Enrolling: Rape Prevention Class (8/3/13)

Ladies you CAN win the “fight you weren’t supposed to win“!  Increase your confidence.  Heighten your awareness.  Fight your fight!

Modern Warrior teaches the most practical self defense possible so that you can get home safe.  The Rape Prevention Class is ideal for independent women, busy professionals, and ladies heading to college in the fall.

Open to females age 12 and up.  Call Modern Warrior today to reserve your spot: 631-226-8383. 

Hang this flyer up at your school, community board, Flyer FREE Rape Prevention 8.3.13


Outdoor Simulator Room Classes this Week!

Groups A through D in the Adult Martial Arts Program are in for a treat!

All students will have their regularly scheduled class relocated into the Outdoor Simulator Room.  This hybridized garage is the first of its kind in realistic environmental conditions replication.  Participants will be exposed to the same elements they may encounter in a real street situation–slippery ground, rain, whipping winds and more!

Developed in the early 90s by DT Expert Phil Messina, the Outdoor Simulator Room provides ample opportunity for attendees to safely train under high degrees of stress in realistic conditions, therefore giving them the EDGE in a true life or death confrontation.

Reminder to all students: Bring with you a change of clothing and a towel, there will be adverse weather!

For more information about any of the practical training opportunities that Modern Warrior offers, call 631-226-8383.  We have programs for every ability and for everyone (age 5 through senior citizen; civilian and Law Enforcement, male and female)!


5 Day DTI this September

It’s not too late to enroll in one of the most comprehensive and practical Defensive Tactics Course around.

The 5 Day Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Course covers:

  • Confronting Multiple Assailants
  • Tactical Groundfighting
  • Gun Defense
  • Handcuffing (this is NOT academy handcuffing…)
  • Expandable Baton
  • Firearm Retention
  • And more!

Register today!  Call 631-226-8383.

Flyer 5 Day DTI – Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification

Modern Warrior DTI Course Registration Form


Combat-Physiokinetics for First Responders

Phil Messina, Ret. NYPD Sgt., will be leading a Combat-Physiokinetics for First Responders at the Paladin Center on April 11th.

Combat Physio-Kinetics focuses on the science of combat, not the art of combat. Understanding how the human body functions mechanically enables you to easily and effectively influence a combatant’s motion.

Combat Physio-Kinetics does not rely on pain compliance, therefore it is ideal for Low Use of Force situations, as well as on aggressors who cannot feel pain (i.e. persons on drugs, EDP’s , etc).

This course is a must for anyone who needs to make quick and seamless adjustments in the field, those who want to supplement their Defensive Tactics training with practical components and smaller, lighter responders who cannot rely on “muscling it”.

For more information and to register, visit: