Bo Fung Do Moment! (May 2012)

Bo Fung Do Moments are instances when students have used their training in the real world.  Situations include both combat and non-combat, and have often spared students from serious injury or death.

Below is the first hand account of a Modern Warrior student. (To respect his privacy, the narrative will remain anonymous)

“A few days ago, I was walking up 7th Avenue in Manhattan on my way to work. It was approximately 7:00 AM and I was in the vicinity of 42nd Street.  While I was walking along the sidewalk, a homeless person walked across 7th Avenue and our paths nearly collided.  He did not appear to be unusual, however, after nearly colliding he quickly turned around, faced me in an aggressive manner and screamed “F’n tourists!”

I have been walking up 7th Avenue at this time for almost 6 years and this was HIGHLY unusual behavior.  I immediately perceived this situation to be a potential attack and did the following: In about half a second, my arms went up in combat and I quickly deducted that if he takes a step toward me that I was going to perceive this as an attack and kick his right knee which would have been his leading leg.  I also had the next two moves planned out  in my head based on what I thought his body reaction was going to be.  We are taught to think this way in class in a very controlled environment over the course of an hour and a half, however, what was amazing to me was that I reacted this way purely on instinct and it took all less than one second. 

I am 100% confident that if this person proceeded to attack me that I was fully prepared and ready to do whatever was necessary to end the attack.   Maybe it was due to my defensive posture, but this person decided not to attack me and we both went our separate ways.

I would also like to point out that during this encounter, the person was less than 5 feet away from me the entire time.  As we are taught in training from day one, my hands were down at my sides and ready, not tucked in my pockets trying to keep warm.  With that being said, I am also 100% positive that if my hands were in my pockets and this person proceeded to attack me that I would not have had enough time to get my hands out and defend myself. 

 To think that I, a yellow belt, could be this ready for a confrontation after 2 ½ years of training clearly proves that Modern Warrior is the number one school for self-defense and has the best instructors around.”



MW Visits the Air National Guard

Modern Warrior was honored to lead a Rape Prevention Demonstration for the women of the Air Force National Guard on Sunday 2/5/12.

The class consisted of strategy, effective strikes, blocking, and use of improvised weapons, among other empowering topics.  Instead of teaching women to fight like men, Modern Warrior shows women how they can capitalize on their physiology to cause maximum mechanical dysfunction on an assailant.

Modern Warrior's team of dynamic and knowledgeable instructors huddle together at the Air National Guard Base, immediately following a Rape Prevention Demonstration.

For information on how to bring this life-saving program to your organization, please call Megan Gilroy at 631-226-8383.

Another New Toy in the Sim Room!

This month, Modern Warrior Students Arthur (A Group) & Jeff (Silverbacks & D Group) installed another cool toy in the Outdoor Simulator Room (aka Sim Room).

The Sim Room is the first of its kind to offer stress inoculation and realistic environmental factors for LE and civilians.  Constantly upgraded and improved, this gym alone contains environmental simulators (rain, fog, wind, snow), disorienting lighting and sounds (strobes, sirens, etc.), confined area simulators (hallway, car, staircase, elevator), booby traps, and an obstacle course.

The newest addition to our Sim Room is the second in its series of street lights.  To pair with our stop light, Modern Warrior now has a Walk/Do not Walk sign.  These lighting factors help to recreate the overwhelming atmosphere one would experience defending themselves on the street.

The Walk/ Do Not Walk Sign is the second in its series of realistic street lights in the Outdoor Simulator Room.