In Bloom

Due to an unseasonably mild winter, bright yellow crocuses  have already begun to sprout at Modern Warrior.

We enjoy the vibrant array of flowers spring brings in our Plum Flower Pole Garden, and in the North Garden.  Both gardens are maintained and tended to by the nurturing students of Modern Warrior.

The North Garden shows signs of life, as the first flowers of the spring begin to break through the earth.

Plum Flower Pole Garden begins to bloom early this year.

Front Reception Area getting an Update

In order to accommodate our increasing student population and the needs of our loyal students, Modern Warrior will be updating our reception area.

Replacing the chairs and relocating the shelves will allot space for higher functioning seating arrangements.  We will double the amount of seats available for those watching their child’s class on the monitor.  Additionally, extra storage will be available to safely and conveniently store personal items during classes.

The staff of Modern Warrior believes that these efforts will be extremely beneficial to our students, and as such, we are looking forward to the completion of this project.