8 Week PDT is 2 Weeks Out

The highly acclaimed Police Defensive Tactics Course will begin a new cycle on Monday March 4th. 

Taught by someone who has been there–Phil Messina–a retired NYPD Sergeant who held the highest arrest productivity rate during his time in the Anti Crime Experiment (making over 1,100 violent felon collars!)

The 8 Week Police Defensive Tactics Course will provide you with realistic, practical tactics and stategies to WIN on the Street and in the Courtroom.  Learn how to retain your firearm when someone is grabbing your holster, how to break out of headlocks and chokeholds, how to successfully handcuff someone who is actively resisting, and more!

This is an ideal class for officers of all experience levels who want to get home safe to their families.

Flyer 8 week PDT at Modern Warrior 3-4-13

Call Modern Warrior today and get your name on the roster: 631-226-8383

*Modern Warrior Staff requests the right to ask for Proper ID from all registrants.


Gun Defense Seminar (1/12/13)

Join us for an evening of strategy.  Modern Warrior will be hosting a Gun Defense Seminar on January 12th.

The techniques taught during this course are practical, tactically sound and easy to retain and employ.  This course is the result of years’ worth of research based on street-proven combat science principles.

Class will be in session from 6-10 pm, and light refreshments will be served, courtesy of Modern Warrior Staff.

Space is extremely limited.  Call 631-226-8383 to reserve your spot.  This is a great class for civilians and LEOs alike.

Are You Ready for the First Strike?

Awareness is one of the most important elements of Defensive Tactics. It’s much safer to avoid situations in the first place. Preparation, training and awareness give you the edge on the street where you need it.

This sign is prominently hung in the gym at Modern Warrior. We train our LEOs to be prepared to defend themselves on the streets and in court.

It looks much more professional (especially to bystanders and video-cameras) for an officer to block a strike and take a person down into handcuffing than it does to throw a preemptive strike, no matter how justified you are.

When you feel confident in your ability to block, you don’t need to hit first, hit hardest, or hit most often. You can then throw your strike at the right time and to the right target.

Now Enrolling: Offensive Knife

Many studios teach students how to disarm a knife-wielding attacker, however what would you do if you did successfully disarm him?  Would you know how to use it?  Where would you cut to?  What would be the best angle of attack?

Without learning how to use a knife it is no longer an asset, it is a liability.

Join Modern Warrior Black Belt, Marvin German, on Saturday July 21st from 6-9:30 pm for this unique Offensive Knife Seminar.