Let the Games Begin!

This week each group of the Wolverinz are engaged in a contest.

The Junior Group, ages 5-9, have the opportunity to highlight their individuality with the Creative Cover Contest.  Each student has been encouraged to express themselves by decorating their beret in any fashion they like (so long as they do not cut or dye it).  So far the entries have been phenomenal, and we look forward to seeing more of the same as the week goes on–stay posted for pics!

Senior Wolverinz will test their grip strength and defiance this week, as we time them suspending themselves on the Eagle Loops.

The Senior group of Wolverinz, age 10-14, has been given another opportunity to express their individuality, but in terms of their defiance.  Students will hang from the Eagle Loops in the Gym and compete against their personal previous scores.  The student who exhibits the highest percentage increase in grip strength will win one month of classes for their parents!

The winners will be announced the week of July 22nd.


Join us at the All Kids Fair this Afternoon

The Wolverinz will be presenting at theAll Kids Fair this afternoon from 2:30-3:15 pm.  Join us for a fun and educational demonstration at the Melville Marriott.

For more information please contact the General Manager at 631-742-3474.  We have a limited number of tickets available for Modern Warrior Students and their families.

April Showers: Wolverinz Bad Weather Exercises

The first week in April the Wolverinz Martial Arts & Leadership Program will have classes in the Outdoor Simulator Room. Modern Warrior, a recognized pioneer in Stress Inoculation training created the Sim Room in 1992–the first of its kind for self defense training!

Wolverinz students should bring a towel and change of clothes–the forecast calls for RAIN, SNOW, WIND & FOG!  See photos from the last round of Bad Weather Exercises on our FlickRSet.

The Outdoor Simulator Room is the first of its kind. This gym offers an obstacle course, confined area training modules (car, elevator, hallway), booby traps, stress inoculation tools and environmental simulators!

For more information call Megan at 631-226-8383